We offer attractive services and different treatments:

  • Professional cutting, trimming and grooming of all races and half-breeds
  • Eye-, claw-, ear- and paw-maintaining
  • Manual bathing and drying by hand (no dryingboxes)
  • Vermin treatment - Medical Spa / Bath
  • Puppy-acclimatisation


Our philosophy

You are bringing us your “familymember” and we will treat it like that. That means, every pet will have it's own time. No mass treatments.

If your pet needs a break it will get one, we dislike forced posture. You can choose between a race typical cut or your own individual style. Hygiene and cleanliness are obvious and don’t need to be discussed.

If you like, you can stay with your pet and take a look how we are working or you can have a shopping tour with your family while we take care of your “familymember”.